Membership Criteria and Information

The MIAAA has 4 types of membership. They include:

- Active Membership
- Associate Membership
- Honorary Membership
- Life Membership

Membership renewal can be conducted on-line at the MIAAA Members Only interactive Web site available on the MIAAA home page or you can download the form and mail it in. Contact your regional rep for more information.

Regional Representatives and/or Alternate Representatives host a regional meeting to give background information and answer questions regarding the MIAAA. Reps also send membership cards and pins to new members.

Q: How much are membership dues?
A: Dues are $65 for the 2013-2014 school year. Dues are $90 if paid after December 1.

Q: What time period does the membership cover?
A: MIAAA membership is from July 1-June 30 of each year.

Q: Where do I send my dues?
A: Send dues to the Executive Secretary (address is on form).

Q: Where can I get a membership form?
A: Only on this web site

Q: Do my dues include membership in the NIAAA?
A: No. You may now apply through our organization. You can find the questions on our NEW REGISTRATION page.


Q: Why do I want to belong to the NIAAA?

A: Click on link - NIAAA Membership Benefits - to answer that question.