MIAAA Committees

Administrative Assistants

Chairpersons: Brenda Greear - Gibraltar Carlson & Anna Devitt - Hartland


Annual Conference
Chairpersons: Bill Mick, Retired:
  George Lovich - retired, Dan McShannock, CMAA - retired, Karen Leinaar,CAA - Bear Lake, Marc Throop, CMAA - retired, Chris Ceresa, CAA - Milford, Chris Ervin,CAA - St. Johns, Greg Lattig, CMAA - Mason, Mike Bakker, CMAA - Fenton, Ken Semelsberger, CMAA - Port Huron

Annual Conference Program
Development of the Mid Winter Conference program, always looking for topics and speakers that are current for our members:  contact Nikki Norris at nicole.norris@elps.us
Chairpersons: Karen Leinaar, CAA Bear Lake & Jeff Kline, CMAA Mt. Morris & Nikki Norris, CAA - Corunna: RJ Guizzette - Bloomfield Hills, Jason Kemler, RAA - Brethren, Greg Lattig, CMAA - Mason, Sonya Latz, CAA - Ovid Elsie, Orlando Medina, RAA - L'Anse Creuse, Kevin Murphy - Clarenceville, Mike Quinn, CMAA - Lakewood, John Ray - Monroe, Jon Studley, CAA - Ogemaw Heights, Brian Swinehart, CAA - Walled Lake, Bill Mick - retired, Jolinda Lucas, CAA - University Prep Academy
, Chris Ervin, CAA - St. Johns, Brenda Greear - Gibralter Carlson, Zac Stevenson, CMAA - Travese City Central, Anna Devitt - Hartland

Collects, evaluates, and recommends members for MIAAA designated awards; Athletic Director of the Year, Distinguished Service Award, Dedicated Service Award, and Regional Athletic Director of the Year.

Chairpersons: Carl Arkema, CAA - Retired & Greg Ambrose, CAA - Wayne Memorial: Mike Holdship - retired, Jean LaClair, CMAA - Bronson, Larry Kelley, CMAA - retired, Jeff Dassance,CAA - Eaton Rapids, Pete Ryan, CMAA - Saginaw Heritage, Fred Smith, CMAA - retired

Chairpersons: Pete Ryan, CMAA - Saginaw Heritage, Jason Kemler, RAA - Brethren 

Interprets the MIAAA constitution. All changes or revisions to the constitution are reviewed by this committee.

Chairpersons: Deb VanKuiken, CMAA, Holly, Pete Ryan, CMAA - Saginaw Heritage, Vic Micheals, CAA - Detroit Catholic League, Dr. Dallas Lintner, CMAA - Owosso

Educational Athletics
Develops, maintains, and promotes educational athletics while acknowledging that all people involved in school sports share in providing effective athletic administration.Chairpersons: Mchael Quinn CMAA, Lakewood & Mike Mohn CAA, Delton Kellogg: Greg Lattig, CMAA - Mason, Jon Studley, CAA - Ogemaw Heights, Matt Walderzak - Vestaburg, Frank Marietta, RAA - Fennville, Zac Stevenson, CMAA - Lakeview, Jon Scharf CAA - Jefferson, Jeff Clark - Schoolcraft, Sean Zaborowski CMAA - SCS Lakeview 

Exemplary Athletic Program
Develops and coordinates the MIAAA Exemplary Athletic Program - a voluntary recognition program for Michigan interscholastic athletic programs that includes an application process, self-assessment, panel review, and site visits.
Chairpersons: Meg Seng, CMAA, Ann Arbor Greenhills & Betty Wroubel, CAA, Pontiac Notre Dame: Jim Feldkamp, CAA - retired, Ken Erny, CAA - Fruitport, Sean Jacques, CAA - Calumet, Cody Inglis, CAA - MHSAA, Mike Messner,CAA - retired, Pete Ryan, CMAA - Saginaw Heritage, John Thompson, CMAA - Brighton

Five State Exchange
Keeps the communication lines open with the sister states in section four; Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, and Wisconsin.
Chairpersons: Zac Stevenson, CMAA - Traverse City Central, Kevin Guzzo, CMAA - St. Joe, Chris Rikker, CAA - Portage Northern

Historical Records
Responsible for record keeping of all events, happenings, and personnel of the MIAAA since its inception as an organization. These listings include items such as past presidents, all award winners, life members, CAA, current officers and committee chairs.
Chairpersons: Jon Studley, CAA - Ogemaw Heights, Jason Kemler, RAA - Brethren

Middle School/Junior High
Works to address the needs and issues particular to administrators of Middle School and Junior High athletic programs.
Chairpersons: Jolinda Lucas, CAA Grand Rapids University Prep & Jason Morris - Chelsea MS

Membership Services
Chairpersons:  Greg Lattig, CMAA, Mason, Mike Evoy, CAA , Arch Diocese, John Thompson, CMAA, Brighton, Tom Mecsey, CMAA retired 

NIAAA Liaison
Chairperson: Deb VanKuiken CMAA, Holly, Meg Seng CMAA, Greenhills, Fred Smith, CMAA, retired

Past President
Nominates eligible members to run for the position of recording secretary.
Chairperson: Mike Quinn CMAA, Lakewood

Position Statement
Coordinates the MIAAA's voice for change and public positions as approved by the Board of Directors and eventually the entire membership.
Chairperson: Mike Evoy, CAA, Detroit Catholic League 

Professional Development
Coordinates the National Athletic Director Certification Program and the National Leadership Training Courses (LTC) for Michigan, offers Continuing Education Unit (SCECH'S) credit to members at approved MIAAA conferences and programs, contacts and provides support for new Athletic Directors, and provides other professional development services to members.
Chairpersons: Fred Smith, CMAA, Retired:  Meg Seng, CMAA - Greenhills, Justin Ansel, CMAA - Comstock, Chad Hottle, CAA - Chippewa Valley

Public Relations
Chairperson: Jean LaClair, CMAA, Bronson, Steve Babbit, CMAA Blissfield: Ben Farkas - Holland, Dave Feldman - Marian,  Jim Okler, CMAA - Grosse Ille, Eric Painter - Flat Rock, Mike Thayer - Bay City Western, Joe Wallace, CAA - Portage Central, Cathy North - retired, Jack Nummerdor, CAA - Mona Shores MS, James Hogan, RAA - Allendale, Jennifer Thunberg, CMAA - Bay City Central, Jordan Ackerman, CAA - Oxford, Greg Ambrose, CAA - Wayne Memorial, William McKoy, CAA - Summit Academy, Mike Watson, CMAA - DeLaSalle Collegiate 

Regional Alignment
Annually updates all schools, their leagues, and the regions they are assigned to.
Chairperson: Mike Quinn CMAA, Lakewood & Zac Stevenson, CMAA - Traverse City Central

Retirees/Life Membership
Tracks life members, determines Life Membership eligibility of retiring MIAAA members, keeps Life Members informed of MIAAA activities and provides assistance at the Mid-Winter Conference.

Chairpersons: Bill Mick, Retired, Deb Vankuiken, CMAA - Holly:
 Larry Niederstadt - retired, Mike Holdship - retired, Steve Hennigar, CAA - retired, Charlie Russian - retired, Paul Hornak, CAA - retired, Larry Boyer - retired, Glen Kelly, CMAA - retired, Larry Kelly, CMAA - retired, Tim Kluka, CAA - retired, Bill Taylor, CMAA - retired

Responsible for publicizing, selecting, and awarding four scholarships annually to high school students.

Chairperson: Greg Lattig, CMAA, Mason, Garrett Simpson, CAA - Divine Child: Mike Garvey, CMAA - Hackett Catholic Prep, Kevin Veale, CAA - Portland, Chris Galloway - Jackson Northwest, Mike Boyd, CAA - Nouvel Catholic Central, Mike Bakker, CMAA - Fenton, Jon Studley, CAA - Ogemaw Heights, Jeff Bell - Freeland,  James Hogan, RAA - Allendale, Eric Albright, CAA - Midland, Aaron Crouse, RAA - Notre Dame Prep, Deane Crowley, RAA - Lowell, Kevin Dean, CAA - Edwardsburg, Chad Podolak - Fulton, Teri Reyburn - Retired, Scott Cousineau - Leslie,  Jack Nummerdor, RAA - Mona Shores, Chris Sposaro - Comstock Park


Works in conjunction with the MHSAA to promote sportsmanship and hold the bi-yearly MHSAA Sportsmanship summit.
Chairpersons: Tom Flynn, Birmingham Groves & Greg Ambrose, CAA, Wayne Memorial

Strategic Planning
Chairpersons: Dallas Lintner, CMAA, Owosso & Don Watchowski, CMAA - Royal Oak: Fred Smith, CMAA - retired, Mike Bakker, CMAA - Fenton, Meg Seng, CMAA - Greenhills, George Lovich - retired, Karen Leinaar, CAA - Bear Lake, Tom Flynn - Birmingham Groves, Barry Hobrla, CMAA - retired, Cody Inglis, CAA - MHSAA, Aaron Setlak , CAA- Warren Cousino, Ken Mohney, CMAA - Hartford, Mike Mohn, CAA - Delton-Kellogg, Kevin Guzzo, CMAA - St. Joseph

Summer Workshop
Chairpersons: Marc Throop, CMAA - Retired,  Jeff Kline, CMAA - Mt. Morris


 Continuous updating the MIAAA website, providing new information and services to the membership
Chairpersons: Karen Leinaar, CAA, Bear Lake & Mike Bakker, CMAA, Fenton

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