Membership Criteria and Information

The MIAAA has 4 types of membership. They include:

- Active Membership
- Associate Membership
- Honorary Membership
- Life Membership

Membership renewal can be conducted on-line at the MIAAA Members Only interactive Web site available on the MIAAA home page. Contact your regional rep for more information.

Regional Representatives and/or Alternate Representatives host a regional meeting to give background information and answer questions regarding the MIAAA. Reps also send membership cards and pins to new members.

Q: How much are MIAAA / NIAAA membership dues?
A: Dues are $00 for the 2017-2018 school year. Dues are $175 if paid after December 1.

Q: What time period does the membership cover?
A: MIAAA membership is from July 1-June 30 of each year.

Q: Where do I send my dues?
A: Send dues to the Executive Secretary (address is on form). Or you can register and pay online now.

Q: Where can I get a membership form?
A: Only on this web site

Q: Do my dues include membership in the NIAAA?
A: Yes. You are automatically enrolled through the MIAAA registration process. 


Q: Why do I want to belong to the NIAAA?

A: Click on link - NIAAA Membership Benefits - to answer that question.