Michigan Exemplary Athletic Program

Application and Self-Assessment Information

Program Purpose
The Michigan Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association's (MIAAA) Exemplary Athletic Program was established in 1998. Its purposes are fourfold: (1) to identify and give public recognition to our outstanding athletic programs statewide; (2) to provide a framework that encourages high school athletic administrators throughout the state to voluntarily engage in a self-assessment and comparison of their current program to a set of established exemplary criteria; (3) to facilitate communication and a sharing of best practices throughout our state; and (4) to encourage continued improvement in our state's high school athletic programs.

MIAAA exemplary programs model excellence and equity. They all provide for what is best in educationally sound high school athletics. There is a strong, district-wide commitment to athletic excellence for all of the school's student-athletes. The athletic program's success in advancing the emotional, social, moral and physical growth of all of its participants is a basic foundation of the recognition criteria. In awarding exemplary status to our state's athletic programs, the MIAAA looks to recognize schools where sustained successes in teaching the values of high school athletics are evident.

The quality of each program will be judged by comparing the standards of excellence to the school's goals (vision statement) and the processes that have been put in place to meet those goals. To what extent is the athletic program serving its various constituents (athletes, staff, parents and patrons)? An exemplary school's athletic program continually strives to meet and exceed the needs of all student-athletes.

Exemplary athletic programs offer growth opportunities for athletes that meet or exceed the highest standards of the MIAAA, MHSAAA, leagues or conferences and their local school boards.

Conceptual Basis for the MIAAA Exemplary Athletic Program
The MIAAA established a blue ribbon committee in 1997 to study the possibility of providing an awards program to recognize our state's exemplary programs. Reports were made by this committee to the membership in the summer of 1997 and 1998 and also at the annual winter conference in 1998. The MIAAA board of directors wholeheartedly supports the concept of recognizing and awarding our outstanding programs on a state-wide basis.

With that charge, a proposal was brought forth by the MIAAA Exemplary Athletic Program advisory committee to the MIAAA membership in 1998 to pilot such a program during the 1999-2000 school year.


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