Here is a way to potentially recruit some desperately needed officials from your school -- copy this letter and the attached flyer and share with your school staff - make that personal connection to make sure we have officials to cover all our games, no matter the level.

Include your information on the bottom of the poster -- that personal touch!!!! 



Welcome Back!


I hope that this note finds you all relaxed and refreshed following the summer and eager to begin the next year mentoring students.  I would like to invite all of our employees to consider becoming a registered sports official.  There is a shortage of officials in our state, and it is a great way for school employees to earn supplementary income.  Several sports require little or no experience, only a winning attitude and a passion for kids.  There are also officiating options below the high school level for beginning officials.  Many officials associations have training sessions and mentoring programs for new officials.  YOU can earn between $50 and $150 daily, and YOU can choose when and where you work.  Please view the attached flyer and consider joining the team.  If you have questions, please contact me.


Thank you,