The MIAAA is proud to announce a new sponsorship - Varsity News Network(VNN) a high school sports media company, with new and progressive online sports information opportunities to our schools and their communities.

VNN will assist Athletic Departments respond to the decrease in media coverage on a local level.  The VNN platform provides a safe and effective way for schools to raise awareness and money by creating and publishing stories, pictures and videos about the athletes in their schools.  As local news media is reduced this was a great way for the MIAAA to add one more item in the tool kit - for our administrators to showcase how our programs are so positively enhancing our schools and students.

"I just think about what I would want to see if I were a parent or fan, and I make sure it's on our site, " Rob White, Saline High School Ahtletic Director explains. "Now everyone just checks ( for everything, and I actually have more time to do my job.  With VNN, we have the best website around." Just what one of our member thinks of the program.

Schools can join for a small, one-time fee, which most school recoup in their first year. VNN has found a way to combine with the media platform, an online media curriculum and is able to integrate this with a class or as an independent study option.  Students can learn valuable skills like website management, online community building and how to create and publish content for the web.

Schools interested can start by visiting or by calling Randy Hagg, at 888-867-7618 or email at

The MIAAA will receive a stipend for each school that enrolls in this program for professional development so make sure you mention the MIAAA.