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Administrative Assistant of the Year Sue Jaques (Mattawan High School) graduated from Chippewa Hills High School in 1973. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Teaching with a second degree in Outdoor Recreation Administration from Central Michigan University. Sue served two years as a full-time substitute teacher for Mattawan Schools before moving to her current role as Athletic Administrative Assistant, a position she has now been in for the last 21 years.


As Ken Mohney, Principal of Hartford Middle School and former Mattawan Athletic Director, writes “Sue has proven herself among the best through exceptional customer service and passion for educational athletics. Sue is not merely an office assistant, she is a quality educator who has provided leadership, mentorship and guidance to students, parents and staff at Mattawan and many area schools. Sue is one of the most dependable, professional and trustworthy human-beings who always places the needs of others before her own.”


Aside from her Athletic Administrative Assistant position, Sue has also spent four years as Parent Association President, four years as the Band Booster President at Mattawan and has been awarded the Bobby Zager award from the Mattawan Men’s Basketball program for outstanding service to their Program. In addition to her service to Mattawan, Sue has been very involved with the MIAAA. She has helped organize the Administrative Assistant portion of Camp Mid for over five years, presented numerous
topics at the Annual Conference and has been in attendance for 21 Annual Conferences and 17 Camp Mids. Sue is married to her husband William, has two children, Angie and Bo, and two “imported family members,” Jenn and Rey. She also has three grandchildren, Easton, Sophia, and Juju Bug.

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