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Dr. Gretchen Mohney is the program director for the Wayne State University Masters of Science in Athletic Training program. She holds a bachelor’s degree in sports medicine from Mercyhurst, a master’s degree in athletic training from Western Michigan University and Ph.D. from Western Michigan University in interdisciplinary health sciences.


Prior to joining the WSU AT program development team, she served as the interim program director (2015-17) and clinical education coordinator (2011-15) for Western Michigan University’s undergraduate ATP, teaching in both professional and post-professional curriculums. Concurrent to her faculty appointment(s), she served as the WMU synchronized skating team athletic trainer and strength and conditioning coach (2008-14). During the summer months of her academic appointment(s), Gretchen provided care in the clinical environment with agility physical therapy and sports performance. Previous to her employment with WMU, she was employed with a multi-disciplinary sports medicine practice for 13 years, where she assumed various roles and responsibilities in the physician’s office, physical therapy and aquatic department(s). Additionally, she provided patient care and sports medicine education to local PDL league soccer team(s), high schools, youth sport and community clubs and/or sporting organizations.


Kathy Vruggink Westdorp, assistant director for the MHSAA, notes “Gretchen truly recognizes the importance of education-based coaching and works diligently in creating an atmosphere of trust and cooperation, while reaching her audience in a manner that includes interaction and participation. She has certainly contributed to high school athletics on a variety of levels providing vision, leadership and dedication. She is truly a leader in the promotion and preservation of the ideals of educational athletics and personally represents these ideals exceptionally well. We are grateful for her positive influence and commitment that she has had for Michigan athletic trainers, coaches and athletes.”


Gretchen has demonstrated a continued commitment to providing education to individuals involved with sport on topics of sports medicine for the MHSAA, MIAAA and NIAAA. She has presented numerous times at the MIAAA annual conference, was an MHSAA Coaches Advancement Program instructor for more than 10 years and helped in developing the LTC 626 course on the Effects of Alcohol, Chemicals and Nutrition on Body and Performance. She has also been involved with the Michigan Athletic Trainers Society and in coaching high school athletics. She served as a MATS public relations committee member, employment committee member, the MIAAA representative for MATS and the vice president for MATS. She was the varsity swim head coach for Mattawan and also spent time as a strength and conditioning coach at both Mattawan and Kalamazoo Central.


In 2018, she was the recipient of the Distinguished Athletic Trainer Award from MATS and was a 2017 Roberta Park Fund Recipient from the North American Society for Sports History. Gretchen was a 2016 winner of the HPHE Alumni Honor Academy Award from Western Michigan University and earned a 2015 Commendation Award for Meritorious Service from the NIAAA.


While at Mercyhurst, she was a member of the women’s rowing team and was a 1995 national champion. Valuing professional service, Dr. Mohney has participated in the United States Olympic Committee Sports Medicine Volunteer Program and served in various leadership roles for the Michigan Athletic Trainers Society.  Most recently, she has been selected as a member of the U.S. Figure Skating medical team  
and provides care to Team USA athletes during international competition.


2004 Jack Roberts & the MHSAA
2005 Dr. Gary Doss
2006 Deb & Larry Kelley, CMAA
2007 Dr. Carol Hulett
2008 Sharla Stokes
2009 Dwayne (Tiger) Teusink
2010 John & Bob Lober
2011 Nathaniel (Nate) Hampton
2012 Randy Allen
2013 Dr. Joseph Kozlowski
2014 Conference Committee Spouses
2015 Wes Leonard Heart Team/Jocelyn Leonard
2016 Tom Rashid, CAA
2017 Kathy Vruggink Westdorp
2018 Russ Waldo
2019 Larry Wegener, CAA

2020 Bob Artymovich

2021 Bill Mick

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