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Bill Mick began his career in education as a Science teacher, Physical Education teacher, and Counselor at Bullock Creek Schools in 1963. In 1976, Bill moved to the Midland School District where he served as a Counselor at Midland High School for three years before moving over to a similar role at Midland Dow for six years. In 1985, he was named the District Athletic Director for the Midland School District, a role he held for 12 years. Bill completed his education career as a part-time Counselor at Windover High School and Bullock Creek High School.


Bill has demonstrated a commitment to serving the MHSAA and MIAAA in addition to his community. He managed the MHSAA State Track meet for three years, coached Basketball, Football, Track, and Cross Country at Bullock Creek, and has been an MHSAA CAP Instructor and MIAAA Conference speaker and presider. Bill continues to serve the MIAAA as a Conference Program Committee Chair, Life Member Committee Co-Chair, and Summer Conference Co-Chair. His work in educational athletics has been recognized in Midland and across the state of Michigan. He was named the Midland Elk of the Year in 1995, an ACE Award of Midland County Education winner in 1995, the ATOM President’s Leadership Award winner in 1997, an MIAAA Regional A.D. of the Year in 1997, the Lloyd Osborn Award winner in 1997, inducted into the Midland County Hall of Fame in 1998, inducted into the Windover High School Hall of Honor in 2003, and the Circle of Health Community Hero Award winner in 2008. Bill was awarded the MHSAA Al Bush Award in 1998, the MIAAA State Award of Merit in 2002, the MIAAA Distinguished Service Award in 2008, and the MHSAA Charles E. Forsythe Award in 2012.


Bill’s wife Mary Lou comments that “Bill is very patient with people. He is a detail person who puts a great deal of pressure on himself to do the best job possible. He loves sports at all levels. As a husband, he once told me, teasingly, not to plan on having our babies around State Finals in March or ‘I’d be going it alone!’ Our two sons were born in August.” Bill’s son Nathan remembers “Dad, as a former high school and college player and then high school coach, fostered a love of sports, particularly basketball. I remember him opening the gym for us on weekends and school vacations so that we could play. We even had a running pre-Thanksgiving Day “Dad’s vs. Kids” game that became very competitive as we got into high school. He modeled the discipline required to make physical fitness a habit. He ran six days a week into his fifties and then switched over to biking and weight lifting when he got ‘old’ and his joints started to remind him of the wear and tear over the years.” Bill’s son Andrew notes “Looking back now with the perspective of having my own career, I am amazed at how my dad always put his family first. As I got older, I began to appreciate all that he did professionally and what he accomplished while I was growing up. But at the time, all I knew was that for every one of my sports competitions, school events, or life milestones, he was there supporting me. With age, I also realize the impact he had on me, by seeing him consistently working hard, treating others with respect, and doing the right thing regardless of the personal cost. To this day, when I am confronted with a difficult decision, I think about what my dad would do in that situation. So, in many ways, despite being thousands of miles away, he continues to always be there supporting me.”


In addition to his work in education and athletics, Bill has provided countless hours of service to the Midland community. Among the many leadership roles he has taken on include service as a Midland Catholic Family Service Board of Directors member, the Midland County Amateur Sports Capital Committee Chair and Treasurer, the Midland County Sports Hall of Fame Banquet Chair, the Midland American Red Cross Board Chair, and the Midland County AIDS Task Force Chair and Vice Chair.


Bill has been married to his wife Mary Lou for over 50 years. He has two sons and daughters-in-law and two granddaughters spread across the country in Maine and California. 


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