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Football Game


2018 Summer Workshop Presentations

MSU Mentoring Coaches

MSU Student Athlete Leadership

MSU Challenges Facing HS AD's

MSU Youth Sport Specialization

MSU Tranformational Leadership

MSU Generation Z


2018 Mid Winter Presentations

Annual Reports - Mike Bakker

Coaching Coaches - Tim Johnston & Curt Copeland

Copyrights, Logos, and Branding - Richard Artymovich

Fraud Prevention in Athletics - Yeo and Yeo

Life of an Athlete Presentation - Chad Hottle

Life of an Athlete Website (Chippewa Valley Schools)

Life of an Athlete website (John Underwood)

Music 101 - Dealing With Event Playlists - Dave Pinkowski

Optimal Coaching Evaluation Tool - Mike Bakker and Don Watchowski

Recruiting and Retaining Female Coaches & Leaders - Meg Seng

When Tough Situations Happen in Middle School Athletics - Jolinda Lucas

(more coming soon) 



2017 Summer Workshop Presentations

LTI 610 - Roy Turner

Expectations of Social Media - Roy Turner

Leader of Change - Roy Turner

Leader of Change - notes - Roy Turner

WYCSINDWYW Facilatating Change - notes - Roy Turner

Helper Helper - Krista Clement


2017 Mid Winter Presentations

3 Dimensional Coaching Clinic by: Mike McGeath, Ted Manning, & Rock Campbell

Annual Reports: A Template for Success by: Mike Bakker

Building an Athletic Department Through a Unified Strength & Conditioning Program by: Zac Stevenson & Marty Martens

Building a Positive Culture in the Athletic Department by: Brian Gordon and Michael Massucci

Creating a Student-Athlete Leadership Group in the Secondary School Setting by: Brian Samulski and Anna Britnell

Eliminate Headaches at the Start of Each Season...Use a Tryout Card! by: Dave Pinkowski & Deb VanKuiken

Field Day with Special Olympics by: Hally Yonko

Field Day with Special Olympics - Supplement 1 by: Hally Yonko

Field Day with Special Olympics - Supplement 2 by: Hally Yonko

For Sale or Help Wanted by: Mike Evoy

Guide to Collegiate Student-Athlete Recruiting by: Ira Childress 

College Recruiting Email Template by: Ira Childress

2017 MIAAA Student-Athlete Recruiting Presentation PPT by: Ira Childress 

Google: Beginner and Advanced Skills by: Jordan Ackerman and Chris Ming

Navigating Through the Multiple Roles of the Atheltic Director by: Jeff Kline and Mike Quinn

Surviving Your First Few Years as an Athletic Director by: Chris Ervin and Greg Lattig

 Using Social Media to Promote Your Programs by: Andi Osters

There's No Place Like Home; Engaging Community & Increasing High School Attendance by: Jeremy Sampson





2016 Summer Workshop Presentations

MHSAA Powerpoint 

MHSAA Handouts






2016 Mid Winter Presentations 

Athletic Trainer On the Front Line

Functioning Without an Athletic Trainer

Organize, Don't Agonize

Charity Game

Multi Sport Athlete

Navigating Positive Relationships with Booster Clubs

Surviving Your First Few Years as an AD

Horace Mann - Forgiving Loans

Social Media - Osters

School Safety - Altschul

Guide to Collegiate Student Athlete Recruiting - document

High School AD & College Recruiting - PPT

College Recruiting Email - templates



2015 Mid Winter Presentations

Branding Your Logo

Building Your Athletic Program

Creating & Using Surveys with Students & Parents     survey form

Budget Management

Office Organization & Management

Hall of Fame

KLAA Innovations & Initiatives That Work

AD Top 10 Ideas That Work

Youth Sports Affecting High School Sports

Arbiter Game - What's New

CMAA Projects - You Can Do This

Easy Do It Yourself Coaching Clinics

The Importance of the Middle School Handbook

Social Media - Hands On - Promotions

Promoting Your Athletic Program

Organizing a League or School Coaches Clinic

Tips for More Student Section Participation

Why You Need the MIAAA

Creating & Utilizing the Optimal Coaching Evaluation Tool - senior interview   evaluation form  checklist

Google Doc's - How To Make the Most of Them

MHSAA - Jr High / Middle School

MHSAA Secretary Handouts

MHSAA Describing & Defending the Rules  handouts

Cedar Springs Student Leadership - presentation application  agenda  notebook




2014 Mid Winter Presentations

Musical Chairs - Sport Presentations



Bowling - checklist


Cross Country - worksheet - checklist


Golf - presentation, protocolsAD scheduleteam schedulewaves set up, labels 1, labels 2

Gymnastics - presentation




Soccer - presentation

Swimming - presentation - checklist

Tennis - presentation - checklist

Track - worksheet

Volleyball - presentation - checklist - worksheet


 MIAAA Presentation to Athletic Administrative Assistants - Tom Heethuis

 Athletics Report to School Board - Mike Bakker

 Hall of Fame Presentation - Steve Babbitt

 Money & Athletics Presentation - Al Bush

 Athletic Office Organization Presentation - Zac Stevenson - timeline sheet - email template - handbook template


2013 Mid Winter Presentations

Concussions, Heat Illness & Dehydration - Henry Ford Hospital

The At-Risk Middle School Athlete - Bea Johnson

The At-Risk Middle School Athlete print version - Bea Johnson

Multiple Roles of an AD - Cody Inglis & Jean LeClair

Sponsorship Packages - Ken Semelsberger

Working with Booster Clubs - Tim Genson & Jeff Cooke

Booster by-laws - Jeff Cooke

Team Authorization - Jeff Cooke

Team Representation - Jeff Cooke

Adding & Deleting Programs - Jack Kramer


2012 Mid Winter Presentations 

Recruting New  Officials - Paul VanWagoner

Captain's Clinic - John Thompson

Captain's Clinic - Mike Garvey

Athletic Eligibility Information - Central Michigan University

Lasting as a New AD - Jason Kemler




2011 Camp Mid Presentations 

2011 ACL Presentation

2011 ATC Licensure

2011 Concussion in Sport

2011 Sudden Cardiac Death

2011 Supplements for High School Students

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