NIAAA Commendation for Membership

On behalf of the NIAAA Board of Directors, congratulations for earning the NIAAA Membership Commendation for 2017-18.

June 30 was our official count date and your state association has earned the commendation in a category of having 70% or higher of the number of schools in your state, growing by 10% or more, or being at Record Membership. Eight state associations earned commendations in all three categories’, which is a strong statement. Included is Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Maryland, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina and Vermont.

A record 41 states earned commendations, a record 29 states are at record membership, and a record 28 states are at 70% or higher. Congratulations to Iowa, North Carolina and Ohio for breaking the 70% barrier for the first time.

Mike Blackburn, CMAA

Executive Director

National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association

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